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with Don Britton

and Briget Bautz

Don Britton CEP
Financial Directions
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Don Britton

A University of Florida graduate majoring in Business/Finance and a Human Resources minor, Don has a unique perspective on human nature.  As a past "Army Brat" and then a veteran pilot with the Army himself, he enjoys meeting new people and has a gift of making them feel at ease in any situation. 

Don loves soccer and his experience refereeing youth, college and pro soccer for over 37 years proves his ability to see both sides of every situation and find the win for everyone concerned. With 10 years experience in HR and 25+ years in Finance, he combines both of his strengths to help his clients achieve their goals.

Briget Bautz

After spending years helping others in the school industry, Briget brings her passion for problem solving and organization to Financial Directions. She is a licensed, independent agent specializing in protecting money and creating income to last a lifetime. She is great at gathering all of the facts and finding the right solution for her clients. Additionally, Briget is great at helping peolpe organize all of their fianancial information. A self proclaimed mystery enthusiast, she gathers the clues, looks at all of the facts, organizes the details and comes to the perfect conclusion!

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